IChurch of St MichaelCeredigionSituated in circular hillside churchyard to W of Hoffnant valley some 500m inland from Penbryn beach.
IChurch of St PadarnCeredigionSituated on a sloping site just W of The Square in the centre of the village.
IChurch of the Holy CrossCeredigionSituated above and some 125m NW of Mwnt beach under Foel y Mwnt.
ISt Gwenog ChurchCeredigionSituated on E side of minor lane connecting B4338 and A475 some 750m WSW of Drefach
IICapel NeuaddlwydCeredigionSituated on the S side of the Aeron valley, approximately 2.5 km SE of Aberaeron and on a minor road S of the A4687.
IICapel SoarCeredigionSituated at S end of village in railed forecourt.
IIChurch of Saint TygwyddCeredigionSituated in the centre of Llandygwydd village.
IIFfos-y-ffin ChapelCeredigionSituated on W side of A 487 in Ffos-y-ffin, set back in courtyard flanked by later chapel house and 1927 vestry.
IILlwyncelyn Independent ChapelCeredigionSituated on right side of lane from Llwyncelyn to Oakford, in iron-railed forecourt.
IISeion Welsh Congregational ChapelCeredigionSet into the slope near the junction with Great Darkgate Street, set back behind railed forecourt.
IIBancfelin ChapelCeredigionSituated in the centre of Llangranog to the S of the B4321 and near the junction of that road and the B4334.
IIBethania ChapelCeredigionSituated some 500m S of Bethania crossroads, on E side of road to Cilcennin.
IIBethel Baptist ChapelCeredigionSituated on N side of lane to Silian some 400m W of Junction with A485 at Glendenys.
IIBethel Baptist ChapelCeredigionSituated close to roadside just W of terrace Nos 1-7 Margaret Street.
IIBethel ChapelCeredigionSituated some 100m N of Aberarth Bridge, on W side of river, facing up Water Street.
IIBethel Welsh Baptist ChapelCeredigionSet back on the corner with, and side elevation to, Portland Street.
IIBethesda Independent ChapelCeredigionSituated down dead-end lane running W off B 4570 in Ponthirwaun.
IIBlaenannerch Calvinistic Methodist ChapelCeredigionSituated on N side of A487 in Blaenannerch village.
IIBlaencefn ChapelCeredigionSituated some 2.5km NE of Ferwig village centre, 400m W of Lleine farm.
IIBwlchgwynt ChapelCeredigionSituated on right side of Lampeter road out of Tregaron, just before Tregaron School.
IICapel BethelCeredigionSituated some 200m E of the minor road through the centre of Trefenter.
IICapel BethesdaCeredigionSituated in stone-walled yard in valley of the Cyneiniog some 4 km E of Talybont, on minor lane to Ty-nant Farm.
IICapel BethesdaCeredigionSituated in Llanddewi Brefi village just S of Pont Llanddewi on the road towards Tregaron.
IICapel BlaenplwyfCeredigionSituated in the centre of the village on the W side of the A487.
IICapel BrynmairCeredigionSituated approximately 1.6 km SE of Aberporth Bay on a minor road 500m S of B4333, Aberporth to Beulah road.
IICapel CarmelCeredigionSituated in angle between lanes to Pontsian and Maesymeillion some 300m N of Prengwyn.
IICapel CarmelCeredigionSituated just S of the village centre on the W side of the A485.
IICapel CynnonCeredigionSituated facing W on the junction of minor roads 1km W of Llanfihangel-y-Creuddyn.
IICapel EbenezerCeredigionSituated at E end of Llangybi village on S side of A 485.
IICapel FfynonCeredigionSituated in the centre of Pentregat on the S side of the A487 and near the junction of that road and the B4321.
IICapel FronwenCeredigionSituated some 200m E of village centre, on S side of road to Oakford.
IICapel LlwynaddaCeredigionSituated towards upper end of village, some 200m NW of Seven Stars Inn.
IICapel LlwynrhydowenCeredigionSituated some 700m N of old chapel, by roadside.
IICapel MairCeredigionSituated just NW of Pont Llanfair, overlooking bridge, between chapel house and vestry, in narrow forecourt with iron railings on low walls.
IICapel Mair, Chapel House & VestryCeredigionSituated at southern end of street, on street-line.
IICapel MawrCeredigionSituated in the S of Llanon, just N of the Afon Cledan and some 140m NW of Pont Llanon.
IICapel MoriahCeredigionSituated at Moriah on the W side of the A4120.
IICapel MynachCeredigionSituated near the centre of Pontarfynach, some 150m S of the junction of the A4120 and the B4343 and on the W side of the latter.
IICapel PantdefaidCeredigionSituated on crossroads at centre of Prengwyn.
IICapel PennantCeredigionSituated just NW of Pont Pennant, on left side of road, in railed forecourt with attractive iron railings and gates.
IICapel RhiwbwysCeredigionSituated on steep bank on W side of B4337, 0.3km SE of Llanrhystyd. Set behind large railed forecourt
IICapel RhydygwainCeredigionSituated on E side of B4332, 0.5km SW of Temple Bar.
IICapel SalemCeredigionAbout 2km W of Devil's Bridge (Pontarfynach); below N side of minor road parallel to A 4120.
IICapel SalemCeredigionSituated some 2 km E of Penrhyncoch, in large graveyard N of the road in Salem village.
IICapel SaronCeredigionSituated in the centre of Llanbadarn Fawr, on the E side of the A4120 some 150m S of its junction with the A44.
IICapel SiloaCeredigionSituated above and E of Cwmerfyn near the end of the minor road through the village.
IICapel SionCeredigionSituated towards W end of village, set back to S of by-road next to school.
IICapel SoarCeredigionProminently situated at W end of Victoria Terrace along SE side of The Common.
IICapel TaborCeredigionSituated on the W side of a minor road just W of the village centre.
IICapel TrisantCeredigionAt the E end of the hamlet of Capel Trisant approximately 0.5km NW of Llyn Frongoch.
IICapel Troedyrhiw (Independent)CeredigionSituated on W side of Cribyn-Caledrhydiau by-road, some 2.5km NW of Cribyn.
IICapel Ty'nygwndwn (Independent)CeredigionLocated on N side of B4342, 1km SE of Felinfach.
IICapel y DrewenCeredigionSituated overlooking Teifi on dead-end lane running S from Cwm Cou crossroads.
IICapel y DrindodCeredigionProminently situated on steep slope in village centre
IICapel y GarnCeredigionSituated, at the N end of the linear village of Bow Street, on the W side of the A 487, in iron-railed forecourt.
IICapel Y RhiwCeredigionSituated on S side of Abergwesyn road some 2 km E of Tregaron. Set above road on stone-faced terrace.
IICapel Y WigCeredigionSituated on the side of a valley 1km NE of the centre of Pontgarreg, S of a minor road to Blaencelyn.
IIChurch of Our Lady of Mount CarmelCeredigionSituated on rising ground above W end of Bryn Road, overlooking triangular green opposite Shiloh Presbyterian Chapel.
IIChurch of Saint AfanCeredigionSituated in large churchyard at Y-fork at SW edge of village.
IIChurch of Saint CaronCeredigionSituated in the centre of Tregaron, raised on a small hillock between the Bridge and the Square.
IIChurch of Saint JohnCeredigionSituated within churchyard on N side of B4340 next to Edward Richard Grammar School
IIChurch of Saint John the DivineCeredigionSituated roughly in centre of village, between the school and the village hall.
IIChurch of St CybiCeredigionSituated in Llangybi village, on N side of A485, just N of Pont Gybi.
IIChurch of St CynonCeredigionSituated some 2.25 km NNE of Ffostrasol, on S side of minor road running E.
IIChurch of St CynwylCeredigionSituated on B4333, S of the centre of Aberporth.
IIChurch of St DavidCeredigionSituated 60m N of A487, the entrance 60m E of Lady Road to Llechryd.
IIChurch of St DavidCeredigionSituated on hilltop some 0.9 km SSW of Aberarth.
IIChurch of St DavidCeredigionSituated at centre of village on crossroads.
IIChurch of St InaCeredigionSituated in extensive churchyard on Llanina Point, just N of Plas Llanina.
IIChurch of St John the BaptistCeredigionSituated in churchyard on W side of A4120 about 2km S of Ponterwyd.
IIChurch of St LlwchaiarnCeredigionSituated at the end of a short lane to N off A 486.
IIChurch of St Lucia and St GwyninCeredigionSituated in Llanwnnen village on W side of B 4337 some 60m N of the cross-roads with A475.
IIChurch of St MaryCeredigionSecluded location at end of lane E off Penrhiw-Llan to Henllan by-road on steep wooded hillside. 1.5km S of Penrhiw-Llan.
IIChurch of St MaryCeredigionSituated in large churchyard N of the ruins of Strata Florida abbey.
IIChurch of St MichaelCeredigionSituated some 500m E of Brongest village, on crossroads W of Troedyraur Farm.
IIChurch of St PadarnCeredigionSituated in a remote site NE of Llangeitho, reached by a lane running W from B4578 from a point c 1.2 km N of B4342 crossroad.
IIChurch of St RhystydCeredigionSited in large churchyard at the foot of Church Street in Llanrhystyd
IIChurch of St TyfriogCeredigionReached at end of short drive off A475 (S side) E of Llandyfriog. Located on N bank of River Teifi. Schoolroom to E.
IIChurch of St. CynfelynCeredigionSituated about 1.5 km NW of Tre Taliesin on road to Ynyslas, below junction with road ENE towards Tre'r Ddol.
IIChurch of St. TysilioCeredigionSituated near end of lane, E of Cae'r-llan.
IIEbenezer ChapelCeredigionSituated on main street, slightly set back, about halfway along.
IIEbenezer Wesleyan ChapelCeredigionSituated in Ystumtuen some 2.5km S of A44, at S end of row of houses and former school.
IIEnglish Baptist ChapelCeredigionAt the top of the street near the Public Library, side elevation to Crynfryn Row. Set back behind iron railings with gate piers.
IIEnglish Methodist ChapelCeredigionSituated on the corner with Queen's Road, set back behind plain railings with brick piers.
IIHawen Independent ChapelCeredigionSituated in Hawen, some 600m S of Rhydlewis, facing W over road to Penrhiwpal
IIHoly Trinity Parish ChurchCeredigionIn the railed churchyard at the N end of an island site with W end to Stanley Road, set into the slope.
IIHoly Trinity Parish ChurchCeredigionSituated on hillside out of the town centre to SW, set back from the above the road.
IIHope ChapelCeredigionSituated to rear of No 40 Saint Mary's Street.
IIMount Zion Baptist ChapelCeredigionSituated set back in railed enclosure.
IINanternis Independent ChapelCeredigionSituated at S end of Nanternis alongside by-road (E side) with cemetery to rear.
IIOld church of St John the BaptistCeredigionSituated in churchyard in the centre of Ysbyty Ystwyth.
IIParish Church of St MichaelCeredigionSituated on the N side of the B4229 in small village group, some 1.5km S of Ciliau Aeron.
IIParish Church of St MichaelCeredigionIn centre of small village on W side of A482, within large graveyard.
IIParish Church of St Michael and All AngelsCeredigionSituated between the Castle and Laura Place.
IIParish Church of St PeterCeredigionSituated in extensive churchyard on raised site at top of Church Street.
IIPeniel Welsh Congregational ChapelCeredigionSet back from a continuous row of street frontages, behind an iron railed and paved forecourt with patterned pebble pavement to the street
IIPenmorfa Calvinistic Methodist ChapelCeredigionSituated sone 300m N of bridge over Hoffnant where lanes from Penbryn, Sarnau, Brynhoffnant and Pongarret meet.
IIPensarn former Calvanistic Methodist ChapelCeredigionSituated on W side of by-road which leads from Pont Ffynnondewi (A487) to Caerwedros: 1.5 km S of the latter. Large cemetery to S beyond forecourt.
IIRhydfendigaid Calvinistic Methodist ChapelCeredigionSituated on W side of the main road in the centre of Pontrhydfendigaid.
IISeion Independent ChapelCeredigionSituated on hillside above town centre, on road to Gilfach.
IISt Non's ChurchCeredigionSituated on the S side of by-road, reached off A482. Some 2.5km SE of Aberaeron and some 100m W of Llanerchaeron.
IISt.Pauls Welsh Wesleyan Methodist ChurchCeredigionSet into the street frontage with later school from attached to right.
IITabernacle Baptist ChapelCeredigionSituated towards N end of Talybont, adjoining and to S of Bethel Chapel, both behind matching late C19 iron railings
IITabernacle Baptist ChapelCeredigionSituated on a hillside facing S over the derelict lead mine.
IITabernacle ChapelCeredigionSet back from street-line some 120m NE of Llandysul Bridge.
IITabernacle ChapelCeredigionSituated in Red Lion Yard, to rear of No 19, approached by narrow passage with wrought iron gates.
IITabernacle ChapelCeredigionSituated set back in narrow forecourt, opposite William Street.
IITabernacle Methodist ChapelCeredigionAt the break in the NE Terrace.
IITabernacle Presbyterian ChapelCeredigionSituated and set back behind projecting vestry range at upper end of street.
IITregroes Church of St FfraidCeredigionSituated by roadside, aligned N-S, in village centre.
IIY Wern Independent ChapelCeredigionSituated to N of Gilfachreda, on back lane from Cei Bach to A 487, on corner of smaller lane down into Gilfachreda.
IIYr Hen GapelCeredigionSituated on E side of lane running S from main road at Seven Stars Inn in village.
II*Church of St CynlloCeredigionSituated by Glebe Farm, some ikm SSW of Coedybryn.
II*Church of St MichaelCeredigionSituated at S end of village in large churchyard, with lych-gate to road.
II*Bethania Baptist ChapelCeredigionSituated mid-way down street, set back in railed forecourt.
II*Bethel Independent ChapelCeredigionSituated towards N end of Talybont, adjoining and to N of Tabernacle Chapel, both behind matching iron railings.
II*Capel GwynfilCeredigionSituated some 200m NE of centre of Llangeitho, on E side of road.
II*Capel Llwynrhydowen (Old Chapel)CeredigionSituated facing W by crossroads in Rhydowen.
II*Capel SoarCeredigionSituated in extreme isolation on W bank of the Camddwr some 13 km from Tregaron, reached via the Abergwesyn road to Nant-y-maen and then the road S towards Llyn Brianne reservoir.
II*Church of All SaintsCeredigionSituated in Clarach valley, on E side of B 4572 just S of Clarach crossroads and just N of Pont Llangorwen
II*Church of All SaintsCeredigionSituated some 1.2 km NE of Cellan village, on N side of B4343 to Llanfair
II*Church of Saint DavidCeredigionSituated just S of A44 about 50m down road to Cwm Rheidol on W side of road.
II*Church of Saint DavidCeredigionSituated in Llanarth village on hill W of main road.
II*Church of Saint DavidCeredigionSituated in centre of Llanddewi Brefi.
II*Church of Saint IlarCeredigionSituated in large churchyard in the centre of the village.
II*Church of Saint MichaelCeredigionSituated in centre of the village in large churchyard.
II*Church of St CynlloCeredigionSituated on lane between A484 and B4570 some 500m N of Croesllan crossroads.
II*Church of St MichaelCeredigionSituated near a minor road 200m S of A487 at Tremain.
II*Church of St PeterCeredigionSituated in village on S side of lane running ENE from main valley road, about 150m E of junction.
II*Church of St TysulCeredigionSituated by River Teifi in large churchyard.
II*Church of St. FfraedCeredigionSituated at the end of Stryd-y-Eglwys from Llanon, some 350m E of the coast at Llansantffraed and 50m N of the Afon Peris.
II*Eglwys Newydd ChurchCeredigionOn the S side of the B4574 and the N side of the Ystwyth valley some 1km NE of the site of Hafod Mansion.
II*Parish Church of St MaryCeredigionSituated in large churchyard, with principal approach from Pontycleifion.