IChurch of St Margaret MarloesCarmarthenshireSituated in a prominent position on the N side of the B4314, some 2.5km SE of Rhos-goch.
IChurch of St MaryCarmarthenshireSituated on small hill above the modern A483 in large churchyard.
IChurch of St MichaelCarmarthenshireSituated on E side of village street, in centre of village.
IParish Church of St PeterCarmarthenshireSituated in rounded churchyard at end of King Street.
IChurch of St MichaelCarmarthenshireSituated in rounded churchyard in centre of the village.
IIAll Saints ChurchCarmarthenshireSituated on hillside E of College Street, backing onto Church Street.
IIBethel Baptist ChapelCarmarthenshireSituated overlooking former back lane, now with cleared ground to Marine Street, some 70m north west of Siloah Chapel, Glanmor Road.
IIBethel Calvinistic Methodist ChapelCarmarthenshireSituated in a prominent position facing down the main street of the village of Cynwyl Elfed.
IIBwlchnewydd Baptist ChapelCarmarthenshireSituated on a minor road some 2 km SE of the centre of the village of Llanddowror.
IIBwlchnewydd Independent ChapelCarmarthenshireSituated on a hillside on the N side of Bwlchnewydd just off the road to Cynwyl Elfed.
IICaersalem Baptist Chapel,CarmarthenshireSituated on corner of Marsh Street and Emma Street
IICalfaria Baptist ChapelCarmarthenshireSituated on a SE facing hillside on the W side of the Afon Taf valley some 200m W of Login.
IICalfaria Baptist ChapelCarmarthenshireSituated on corner of Bigyn Road.
IICalvinistic Methodist ChapelCarmarthenshireAt west side of Blaenau Road, about 300m south of the Parish Church. Grassed forecourt with part paved; stone surrounding wall.
IICapel BethaniaCarmarthenshireSituated some 50m S of A474 on the E side of Brynlloi Road, enclosed by a coped stone boundary wall with iron railings and gates.
IICapel BethelCarmarthenshireSituated in isolated riverside position on S bank of Afon Araeth down track off Llangadog road some 4 km NE of Ffairfach.
IICapel Bryn EvanCarmarthenshireSituated on the NW side of the minor road through Bryn Iwan.
IICapel BrynseionCarmarthenshireSituated some 400m E of Pont Treseli, up minor road.
IICapel Dewi C. M. ChapelCarmarthenshireAt the south side of the B4300 in the village of Capel Dewi. Square stone-walled enclosure with iron gates to front and stable in SE corner. One gate-pier is a monolith.
IICapel Dewi Uchaf FarmhouseCarmarthenshire1km east of the village of Capel Dewi to the north of the B4300, reached by a private lane with monolithic gate-piers. There is an extensive set of C18/C19 buildings for mixed farming in an informal g
IICapel Elim Parc (Baptist Chapel)CarmarthenshireTo the south side of an unclassified road about 300m north west of Parcymarchog. Stone perimeter wall to front and side with iron double gates plus single gate at corner. The baptismal pool is close t
IICapel HendreCarmarthenshireProminently sited at the south east of the village of Capel Hendre, at south of the road and at the corner of Cooper's Road. Large graveyard opposite. Stone-walled enclosure with iron gates and railin
IICapel IfanCarmarthenshireApproximately 3.7km NE of Llangyndeyrn church, reached by farm road on the W side of a minor road S of Llanddarog.
IICapel IwanCarmarthenshireSituated in the centre of Capel Iwan village.
IICapel NewyddCarmarthenshireSet back behind forecourt some 300m north of Parish Church.
IICapel SeionCarmarthenshireOn a hilltop site, 1km west of Drefach, in the hamlet named after the chapel. Large stone-walled graveyard; detached vestry to east of chapel.
IICapel SittimCarmarthenshireSituated in Felingwmisaf, E of the river and the B4310 and on a minor road S to Felin Mynachdy.
IICapel SoarCarmarthenshireSituated about 1 km E of Cilycwm village.
IICapel SulCarmarthenshireSituated on W side of main road (A 484) prominently overlooking Kidwelly Bridge.
IICapel TabernaclCarmarthenshireSituated in Ffairfach on E side of A 483, some 200m S of crossroads, in graveyard with iron railings and stone piers to road.
IICapel TalsarnCarmarthenshireSituated in Talsarn village on N side of road some 500m E of Cross Inn crossroads.
IICapel-y-dolauCarmarthenshireAt the south edge of Llanarthney village, on the road (Heol-fawr) to Middleton. Wrought-iron gate at roadside and a narrow lane leading to the chapel. Small yard surrounding the chapel on three sides.
IICarmarthen Cemetery ChapelCarmarthenshireSituated in cemetery some 400m N of Lime Grove House.
IIChapel at Llandovery CollegeCarmarthenshireSituated to SE of main college building, opposite entrance gate.
IIChapel at St David's HospitalCarmarthenshireAlmost opposite main entrance to hospital main building.
IIChrist ChurchCarmarthenshireSituated at far W end of Lammas Street, on junction with Morfa Lane.
IIChrist ChurchCarmarthenshireSituated some 400m N of A474, on N side of river Amman, in a secluded cul de sac at SE end of Vicarage road.
IIChurch of Saint BrynachCarmarthenshireSituated in the centre of Llanboidy village.
IIChurch of Saint LawrenceCarmarthenshireTo S of minor road from Pendine to Amroth approximately 3km W of Pendine.
IIChurch of Saint TeiloCarmarthenshireSituated on the W side of the A477 near the centre of Llanddowror village.
IIChurch of St CledwynCarmarthenshireApproximately 500m W of Llanglydwen, on the E side of a drive leading to Dolwilym.
IIChurch of St David/Eglwys Dewi SantCarmarthenshireSituated in large churchyard with entrance between Nos 5 and 6 Picton Terrace.
IIChurch of St DyfanCarmarthenshireSituated immediately N of Llandyfan farmhouse, some 2 km S of Trap in valley of Afon Cennen.
IIChurch of St EgwadCarmarthenshireOn S side of village, in a churchyard overlooking Vale of River Tywi.
IIChurch of St LlawddogCarmarthenshireSituated on slope above main road some 100m SE of Cenarth Bridge.
IIChurch of St LuciaCarmarthenshireIn large churchyard at centre of village.
IIChurch of St MaelogCarmarthenshireIn a large churchyard on the N side of the main road through the village.
IIChurch of St MichaelCarmarthenshireAn isolated church on the S side of a minor road approximately 1.2km NNW of Nantgaredig.
IIChurch of St SadwrnenCarmarthenshireProminently sited in historic churchyard high above Carmarthen Bay, about 2 km west of Laugharne.
IIChurch of St TwrogCarmarthenshireIn a round churchyard in the centre of the village, on the N side of the B4310.
IIEbenezer Baptist ChapelCarmarthenshireSituated closing the view down Orchard Street.
IIEglwys Sant Ioan/Church of St JohnCarmarthenshireSituated on junction with The Avenue.
IIElim independent ChapelCarmarthenshireSituated about 1km N of Lime Grove House, by junction with road to Pentre Celyn Farm.
IIEnglish Congregational ChurchCarmarthenshireSituated set back from road in forecourt between Nos 37 and 38.
IIHen GapelCarmarthenshireSituated in a walled and gated burial ground, overlooking the Loughor valley, on the S side of the minor road which leads W off the B4306.
IIMoriah Baptist ChapelCarmarthenshireSituated on corner of Old Castle Road and Station Road, at south end of Town Hall Square.
IINebo Independent ChapelCarmarthenshireSituated just S of the junction of minor roads approximately 0.6km NE of the main junction in Efailwen.
IIParish Church of St OdoceusCarmarthenshireSet in a hollow below the Laugharne to Llandawke by road.
IIPark Congregational ChapelCarmarthenshireSituated on corner of Murray Street and Inkerman Street.
IIParsih Church of St TeiloCarmarthenshireSet in a large raised churchyard alongside the road.
IIPenuel Baptist ChapelCarmarthenshireSituated E of the centre of Carmarthen in Priory Street, approximately 120m S of its junction with Oak Lane. Set back from the street line.
IIRehoboth ChapelCarmarthenshireSituated about 1km S of Capel Iwan above Cych
IIRoman Catholic Church of St MaryCarmarthenshireSituated at far NW end of Street.
IISalem Baptist ChapelCarmarthenshireLocated on W side of short lane off A482, 1.5km N of Pumpsaint (junction opposite Brynwawr). Situated in own small graveyard.
IISalem Welsh Calvinistic Methodist ChapelCarmarthenshireSet back from the street line opposite the junction with Bank Buildings.
IISt David's Parish ChurchCarmarthenshireSituated on SE side of Amman Valley, approx. 0.5m SE of Ammanford. Triangular shaped churchyard adjacent to Betws Rd. Sited diagonally to road.
IISt Tyfi's ChurchCarmarthenshireOn the S edge of wooded parkland at Dynevor Castle (Newton House) and overlooking Afon Tywi. Reached by track of W from Llandeilo Bridge.
IITrinity Independent ChapelCarmarthenshireSituated in large graveyard, across road to S of churchyard.
IIWesleyan ChapelCarmarthenshireLocated at the end of the tunnel passage under John Francis Chartered Auctioneer's Premises.
IIY Bwthyn, Hebron ChapelCarmarthenshireImmediately behind, and within, the graveyard of Hebron Chapel, facing a road to Berllan-dawel Farm.
IIY Priordy Independent ChapelCarmarthenshireSituated set back in forecourt on junction with Old Priory Road.
IIZion English Presbyterian ChapelCarmarthenshireSituated facing down street towards Lammas Street.
IIAdulam Baptist ChapelCarmarthenshireOn high ground 150 m west of A476 in Felinfoel, opposite to Adulam Row. The side of the Vestry faces the street with the chapel standing parallel to its west.
IIAlltwalis Independent ChapelCarmarthenshireSituated in the centre of Alltwalis on the W side of the A485.
IIBaptist ChapelCarmarthenshireSet back in broad forecourt, just E of Fountain Square.
IIBethania Welsh Presbyterian ChurchCarmarthenshireSituated in Ferryside on the E side of Carmarthen Road some 320m NE of the railway station.
IIBethel Baptist ChapelCarmarthenshireSituated some 250m down lane running NE from B4306 in Llangyndeyrn village, on the NW side of lane.
IIBethel Calvinistic Methodist ChapelCarmarthenshireLocated at the N end of Bethel Terrace. Large graveyard opposite.
IIBethel Calvinistic Methodist ChapelCarmarthenshireSituated facing SE some 150m N of the crossroads in the centre of Meidrim
IIBethel Presbyterian ChapelCarmarthenshireSituated opposite the Court House, facing E over large asphalted forecourt.
IIBethesda Capel BachCarmarthenshireAt the south-east corner of the graveyard of Bethesda Chapel, in Llangennech village 150m north of St Cennych's Church. Wrought iron gates with wrought iron railings on a plinth wall facing the street
IIBethesda ChapelCarmarthenshireIn Bank Road in Llangennech village about 150m north-west of St Cennych's Church. Large graveyard with stone wall and wrought iron gates to street.
IIBethlehem Baptist ChapelCarmarthenshireAt south side of the A484 in the village of Pwll.
IICaersalem Independent ChapelCarmarthenshire300 m north-west of Pontyberem bridge, to the west of Heol y Felin.
IICapel Als,CarmarthenshireSituated in acute angle of Marble Hall Road and Wern Road.
IICapel BethlehemCarmarthenshireWithin railed enclosure, set back from the road, in the NE corner of a cemetery.
IICapel GosenCarmarthenshireSituated immediately S of Cynghordy viaduct. Walled forecourt with wrought iron gate.
IICapel GosenCarmarthenshireSituated on N side of road some 300m NW of Llangadog church, set in iron-railed forecourt.
IICapel IsafCarmarthenshireSituated on N side of A 40, some 300m E of turning to Cwm Ifor.
IICapel JerusalemCarmarthenshireSituated just above the Clydach river, below Gwynfe village, on W side of the lane towards Brynaman.
IICapel MairCarmarthenshireWithin railed enclosure on S side of junction of High Street and Heol Gof.
IICapel MiloCarmarthenshireWest side of Milo village, about 1½ km south of Golden Grove. Limestone wall to front, iron gate. Hedged elsewhere. Graveyard at right.
IICapel NewyddCarmarthenshireSituated on the N side of the B4310 some 120m W of Pont Cothi in the centre of Abergorlech.
IICapel NoniCarmarthenshireSituated on the SE side of the A485 approximately 1km SW of Aber-Giar. Gable end to road.
IICapel Pentre TygwynCarmarthenshireSituated in centre of Pentre Tygwyn village, on S side of lane.
IICapel RhydybontCarmarthenshireSituated on the N side of the B4337 at Rhyd-y-bont approximately 1.2km E of the centre of Llanybydder.
IICapel SalemCarmarthenshireSituated down drive off the road leading to Llyn Brianne, NW of the centre of Rhandirmwyn.
IICapel SalemCarmarthenshireAt the junction of Bank Road with Afon Road (A4297) in the centre of Llangennech Village. Stone perimeter wall with iron railings to Afon Road; large graveyard to the north.
IICapel y GraigCarmarthenshireSituated just W of the school near the centre of the village of Cwmbach.
IIChurch of All SaintsCarmarthenshireSituated in churchyard set back and above Goring Road.
IIChurch of All SaintsCarmarthenshireSituated in centre of Gwynfe village.
IIChurch of All SaintsCarmarthenshireIn a walled churchyard in the centre of the village.
IIChurch of Saint CwrdafCarmarthenshireSituated on E side of A482 at N edge of Llanwrda village.
IIChurch of Saint EdiCarmarthenshireSituated some 300m SE of the B4297 in the village of Llanedi, at end of Church road, in a walled and gated churchyard.
IIChurch of Saint SadwrnCarmarthenshireSituated in rounded churchyard in centre of village.
IIChurch of St AlbanCarmarthenshireSituated prominently on hilltop east of centre, at junction of Alban Road and Stebonheath Terrace.
IIChurch of St BarnabasCarmarthenshireSituated in Rhandirmwyn some 300m W of the crossroads in the village centre.
IIChurch of St BarnabasCarmarthenshireSituated in centre of village just SW of the junction of the roads from Waungilwen and Henllan.
IIChurch of St CeinwrCarmarthenshireOn the N side of the small hamlet sited on the highest ground with a commanding view over the Towy valley.
IIChurch of St Cennych (aka St Gwynog)CarmarthenshireOn a hilltop site east of Bank Road in the centre of Llangennech village, 150m north of the B4297 (Afon Road). Stone wall to front, part with cast-iron railings and gates between plain ashlar piers.
IIChurch of St DavidCarmarthenshireIn a walled churchyard on the E side of a minor road approximately 1.1km NE of Ffaldybrenin and 0.7km NW of Farmers.
IIChurch of St DavidCarmarthenshireSituated in a prominent position on a hill just NW of the crossroads in the centre of Meidrim.
IIChurch of St IshmaelCarmarthenshireAn isolated church approximately 2km SSW of Ferryside, in a large churchyard on the E side of the Ferryside to Kidwelly road.
IIChurch of St MaryCarmarthenshireOn a hill-top site 150m NE of Court Henry.
IIChurch of St MaryCarmarthenshireWithin a large churchyard and prominently sited in a high position on the NE side of Burry Port.
IIChurch of St MichaelCarmarthenshireAn isolated hilltop church in a walled churchyard, on the E side of a minor road between Brechfa and Llanybydder.
IIChurch of St PatrickCarmarthenshireOn the S side and sited in a round churchyard above the A485.
IIChurch of St PaulinusCarmarthenshireSituated just W of the minor road leading to Llyn Brianne in the valley of the Afon Tywi, some 3.5km N of the centre of Rhandirmwyn.
IIChurch of St PeterCarmarthenshireIn a walled churchyard on the W side of the town and on the W side of the cattle market.
IIChurch of St ThomasCarmarthenshireNear the centre of Ferryside E of the railway station.
IIChurch of The Holy TrinityCarmarthenshireProminently sited in Felinfoel. Large graveyard to S with rubble boundary wall to all sides; Gothic style timber lychgate with tiled roof, steel gates; Celtic cross granite war-memoral in churchyard.
IIChurch of the Holy TrinityCarmarthenshireSituated on W side of B 4302 some 450m N of Maerdy crossroads.
IIChurch of the Holy TrinityCarmarthenshireSituated at W end of street in spacious churchyard.
IIClosygraig Calvinistic Methodist ChapelCarmarthenshireOn elevated terrace behind wall and railings, overlooking a bend in the road.
IIEbenezer Congregational ChapelCarmarthenshireSituated on N side of A484 Carmarthen road some 120m E of Water Street.
IIEsgairnant Calvinistic Methodist ChapelCarmarthenshireSituated on N side of B4302, SW of Talley village
IIFfaldybrenin Independent ChapelCarmarthenshireSituated in a prominent position facing S in the centre of Ffaldybrenin village.
IIGlenalla ChapelCarmarthenshireSituated on corner of Alban Road.
IIHall Street Methodist ChurchCarmarthenshireSituated on corner of Hall Street and Goring Road.
IIHen Gapel MiloCarmarthenshireEast side of Milo village, opposite to Capel Milo Newydd. Open paved area to street at front, walled graveyard to left with original wall to street.
IIHoreb Baptist ChapelCarmarthenshire1 km east of Five Roads on the B4309
IILlandyry ChurchCarmarthenshireOn W side of B4317, in churchyard about 700m S of junction with B4308.
IILlanfihangel Abercowyn New ChurchCarmarthenshireSituated beside the main A40 trunk road, on the junction with the minor road to Treventy Farm.
IIMaescanner Baptist ChapelCarmarthenshire75 m west of Dafen Road. Small grassed forecourt, with modern iron railings on a low wall and iron gates. Vestry at rear.
IIProvidence Baptist ChapelCarmarthenshireSet back behind small burial ground to left of terraced row in centre of Cwmdu village.
IIRhydyceisiaid Independent ChapelCarmarthenshireSituated on the SE side of the valley of the Afon Fenni some 1.2km NW of the centre of the village of Llangynin
IISalem Baptist ChapelCarmarthenshireSituated in Ferryside on the E side of Carmarthen Road some 250m NE of the railway station.
IISalem Independent ChapelCarmarthenshireSituated at N end of Salem village, on W side of road.
IISalem Independent ChapelCarmarthenshireSituated on streetline roughly midway between junctions with Water Street and Orchard Street.
IISiloah Independent ChapelCarmarthenshireSituated on corner of Glanmor Road and Copperworks Road in the seaside district of LLanelli.
IISt Sawel Parish ChurchCarmarthenshireSituated on S side of village in large graveyard.
IIYr Hen GapelCarmarthenshireTo the W of the village centre, on the N side of a minor road to the parish church.
IIZion Baptist ChapelCarmarthenshireSituated at south west end of Zion Row and some 30 m north east of the Water Street-Upper Park Street junction.
II*Capel BigawdinCarmarthenshireAttached to a field wall S of Wern-las Farm, approximately 2km SE of Llanddarog village.
II*Capel BrynseionCarmarthenshireSituated in the centre of Glanamman some 25m S of A474 on the E side of High Street.
II*Capel Heol AwstCarmarthenshireSituated set back in railed forecourt roughly midway along street.
II*Capel Heol DwrCarmarthenshireSituated set back from road some 60m SE of junction with St Catherine Street.
II*Capel PantegCarmarthenshireSituated in a remote valley N of a minor road some 4km NE of Whitemill.
II*Church of Saint CynwylCarmarthenshireSituated near the centre of Cynwyl Elfed village NE of Pont Cynwyl just off the A484.
II*Church of St David (aka Church of St Arthney)CarmarthenshireIn centre of the village of Llanarthney. Stone-walled graveyard with lychgate
II*Church of St DingatCarmarthenshireSituated in large churchyard towards SW edge of town.
II*Church of St MaryCarmarthenshireSituated in centre of Llanllwch village.
II*Church of St MichaelCarmarthenshireAt the N end of Llanfihangel ar Arth village, set in a walled churchyard overlooking the Teifi valley.
II*Church of St Simon and St JudeCarmarthenshireSituated on ridge above upper Sawdde valley some 2.5 km E of Twynllanan on road to Llyn y Fan Fach.
II*Church of St. TybieCarmarthenshireAt the centre of Llandybie village. Large stone-walled graveyard to north side (recent parts walled in concrete blocks). High wall with steps and iron gates from the street at west and south; stile be
II*Church of the Holy TrinityCarmarthenshireAbout 1km NE of Pontargothi, in churchyard on the E side of a minor road and N bank of Afon Cothi.
II*Cyffig ChurchCarmarthenshireSituated on the S side of a minor road some 3km SE of Whitland.
II*English Baptist ChurchCarmarthenshireSituated set back from the street in paved forecourt, between Nos 7 and 8.
II*Old Bethel ChapelCarmarthenshireLocated on a remote upland plateau on the N side of the Amman Valley approximately 1 km from the A474. Reached along short lane off mountain road at the lower end of a walled and gated burial ground.
II*Parish Church of St CynwylCarmarthenshireProminently situated in village centre within own graveyard. Lychgate some 50m to S.
II*Parish Church of St. EllywCarmarthenshireProminently situated in churchyard on north side of Bridge Street.
II*Parish Church of St. MartinCarmarthenshireSet in an elevated churchyard to N of the town
II*Williams Pantycelyn Memorial ChapelCarmarthenshireSituated near the centre of Llandovery on the N side of the High Street between Orchard Street and Water Street.
II*Capel Libanus (Baptist Chapel)CarmarthenshireSituated on N side of lane some 1.3 km W of Llansadwrn.
II*Capel SalemCarmarthenshireSituated in the centre of Llangyndeyrn approximately 250m SW of the B4306.
II*Capel Y GraigCarmarthenshireSituated just W of the road junction in the centre of Trelech village.
II*Cefnarthen ChapelCarmarthenshireSituated at the end of a lane off a minor road leading from Pentrebach to Babel approximately 1km to the NW.
II*Church of Saint CadocCarmarthenshireSituated towards the upper end of Church Street, in large churchyard with stone boundary wall.
II*Church of Saint CyninCarmarthenshireSituated in an isolated position on a minor road some 2km S of the centre of the village of Llangynin.
II*Church of St CathenCarmarthenshireIn a large churchyard occuping a high position at the S end of the village of Llangathen.
II*Church of St CyndeyrnCarmarthenshireIn a round churchyard in the centre of the village.
II*Church of St CynogCarmarthenshireSituated about 1 km S of Llangynog.
II*Church of St EgwadCarmarthenshireIn a round churchyard in the centre of the village.
II*Church of St IlltydCarmarthenshireIn a large churchyard on the E side of the main square, and immediately S of the A484.
II*Church of St Luke or St LlonioCarmarthenshireIn an isolated position away from Llanllwni village and on an elevated site directly above Afon Teifi.
II*Church of St Margaret of AntiochCarmarthenshireAbout 1km above Dolwen Point, in churchyard near junction of B4314 and minor road to Marros.
II*Church of St Margaret of AntiochCarmarthenshireAbout 1km above Dolwen Point, in churchyard near junction of B4314 and minor road to Marros.
II*Church of St MichaelCarmarthenshireIn the village of Golden Grove to the west of the street, nearly opposite to Golden Grove park entrance. Stone-walled churchyard with stile; lychgate separately listed.
II*Church of St Michael and all AngelsCarmarthenshireAt the south side of Bryngwyn Road, Dafen. Stone wall to street and to west side; timber war-memorial lychgate.
II*Church of St NonCarmarthenshireIn the centre of the village in a churchyard with stone wall and iron railings and gates to road at west; stone wall to minor road at north.
II*Church of St YstyffanCarmarthenshireWithin a stone walled cemetery, on the SW corner of the junction of High Street and Church Street.
II*Parish Church of St Mary MagdaleneCarmarthenshireSituated within a cemetery behind the street, reached via a lych-gate opposite the Town Hall.
II*Parish Church of St MichaelCarmarthenshireSituated in spacious churchyard immediately adjoining the Premonstratensian Abbey ruins.
II*Tabernacle ChapelCarmarthenshireSituated set back from road in own courtyard, c30m from junction with Water Street.
II*Tabernacle ChapelCarmarthenshireSituated at corner of Town Hall Square, overlooking Town Hall gardens.