For the majority of church groups, fundraising is an essential part of church life. The constant need to raise funds can quickly leave groups cycling the same old ideas, causing burnout among group members and donors. With that in mind, this list of church fundraising ideas has been compiled to inspire your creativity.
Afternoon Tea – Get the local community together and raise some funds.

  1. Auction – Time for a clear-out? Get the community together, make some space and raise some money.
  2. Abseil – Are you brave enough to take a real leap of faith?
  3. Award shows – Is it time to award some long serving members, or local community heroes?
  4. Bake sale – Throw on your aprons and get baking!
  5. Barbecue – Perfect for the summer. Get your group out into the church yard and draw in the local community.
  6. Bike ride – Take part in a cycling event or organise your own. Get sponsored on an online fundraising page for your efforts.
  7. Ball – Let’s get glam and raise money through ticket sales by inviting everyone you know to enjoy a sophisticated evening.
  8. Bake Off – A bit of friendly competition and another excuse to eat cake.
  9. Banquet – Perhaps get all medieval. An ancient church or church hall can create a very dramatic atmosphere for a fun evening.
  10. Bring and share lunch – An easy way to get people together.
  11. Buy a brick / tile / slate – Give your donors a chance to buy directly into your repair… as a bonus you could try engraving tiles, slates or bricks with the names of your patrons.
  12. Car boot sale – Make use of your churchyard or church car park
  13. Church tour – Put together your most interesting church anecdotes and historical facts – this can be adapted to a guide book or website.
  14. Coffee morning – Get some of your favourite people together in a room to drink coffee, eat cake, and raise money.
  15. Concert – Know some musically talented people or have you got the talent yourself?
  16. Crowdfunding online Just Giving | Go Fund Me – Set up a page and watch the funds roll in.
  17. Exhibition – Connect with local artists or display your churches unique artefacts.
  18. Film night – Make use of that large screen and sound system.
  19. Food festival – Celebrate local delicacies.
  20. Games night – Another excuse to get together for some fun activities.
  21. Graveyard tour – Potentially an interesting source of local history, or local wild life.
  22. Hike – Grab your walking boots and organise a hike to raise money. Get sponsored to cover the miles.
  23. Head shave – Could you challenge yourself to lose your locks to raise money?
  24. International evening – Hold an evening full of culinary delights and music from around the world. Give each guest a country’s traditional cuisine to cook and ask for a donation for your hospitality.
  25. Jumble Sale – The church staple!
  26. Karaoke night – Everyone has a secret party piece they’re itching to share! So why not grab a microphone and organise a donate-to-enter karaoke contest?
  27. Marathon run – Want to really push yourself? Sign up for a local marathon, or shorter run and get some sponsorship.
  28. Merchandise – A little unusual for churches, but do you have something unique you can add to a t-shirt, or to base a gift upon?
  29. Nature walks – Finally, a way for those pesky bats and nesting birds to start paying their rent.
  30. Obstacle race – Find a local muddy challenge, or if you have the space, set one up in the church yard.
    Paper aeroplanes competition – Fun for children of all ages.
    Quiz night – Raise money by taking donations for entries to the quiz and hold a raffle on the same night to raise even more.
  31. Raffle – Can local businesses donate a prize and even sell raffle tickets for your event.
  32. Skydive – One for the adrenaline junkies among your congregation
  33. Tea party – Get baking, sandwich making, and tea-brewing. Invite friends, family or your community group to a tea party and ask for a suggested donation from anyone who wants to enjoy your spread.
  34. Talent contest – This is a great opportunity to showcase people’s talents while raising money.
  35. T Shirt Sales – As merchandising
  36. Walk – Grab your walking boots and organise a long walk to raise money. Get sponsored to cover the miles.
  37. Worm-charming