Maintaining Your Church – 6 Steps to Success

The common-sense perspective tells us that that prevention is better than cure and that planned routine maintenance provides extends the service life of products. This is the reason most of us regularly service and inspect our cars, boilers and other expensive equipment, yet this understanding does not always extend to our buildings.

Routine planned maintenance is promoted by most statutory, regulatory and funding bodies. Organisations such as Cadw and the Church in Wales have devoted sections of their websites to it, but still we all to often see buildings with the small things neglected – and these small problems can very quickly turn into expensive repair projects.

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Developing Your Church as a Community Hub

Introduction – How to Develop Your Church as a Community Hub

This article is a guide for churches considering a reordering to develop their church as a community hub. The guide briefly covers the necessary steps to start your project, including identifying the need, building the team, employing professionals and fund raising.

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37 Fund Raising Activity Ideas for Church Groups

For the majority of church groups, fundraising is an essential part of church life. The constant need to raise funds can quickly leave groups cycling the same old ideas, causing burnout among group members and donors. With that in mind, this list of church fundraising ideas has been compiled to inspire your creativity.
Afternoon Tea – Get the local community together and raise some funds.

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11 Traditional Kitchen Designs

Here are 11 examples of traditional kitchen designs with a modern twist to inspire your home improvement project.

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